Next SBE Chapter 59 Meeting

When:  Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Where:  Legacy Christian Center Blue Valley Campus; 14301 Metcalf Avenue; Overland Park, KS 66223

Gather at 11:45 a.m. for lunch (at Sunset Grill) and the SBE business meeting, followed by the tour at 1 PM


Facility Tour.  Shane Rushik from Legacy Christian and Dan Stark of Stark Raving Solutions will give a tour and demo of the state-of-the-art Legacy Christian Church campus at 143rd & Metcalf which is in a recently renovated former Dillions grocery store building. Legacy Christian Church is a multi-site church with the main campus located at 101st and Antioch. They currently have three satellite campuses, each satellite campus has local leaders, music and receives the message from a time-shifted multi-program transport stream via an IP recorder over a campus wide WAN. Each campus receives a locked down ‘virtual pastor’ at near real-size (21 foot wide at 143rd & Metcalf campus) with IMAG and graphics on side screens. Stark Raving Solutions worked on this project from the planning stages with the owner and architect through installation with the general contractor, owner training and commissioning with ongoing support.

We will meet at the Sunset Grill for lunch at 11:45. The restaurant is on the south-west corner of the complex where the church is located. We will walk across the parking lot and meet at the church at 1 PM for the tour and demos which will last approximately an hour.

Sunset Grill Address:  14577 Metcalf; Overland Park, KS  (ph: 913-681-1722)

More info about the facility:

The campus at 143rd & Metcalf is a renovated Dillions grocery store. Currently the main worship space is configured in a double gymnasium space, with sports activities during the week and reconfigured as a worship space on weekends and events. The space utilized an acoustic plan that provides a great sound during services, yet has a live feeling for sporting activities. The audio system is built on digital audio networks to facilitate a portable sound and lighting booth with digital connections to wall plates to allow fast and easy booth relocation as needed. The digital audio processing system has modes to allow a reduced audio system for activities during the week without the need of connecting the audio booth. The audio system is operated at levels up to 95 db during worship services.

The video system includes a triple wide background projection screen with an aspect ratio of 38:9 fed by live graphical content. Two 9’x16’ side projection screens show local graphics during worship, and IMAG from the MPTS during message. A 21 foot wide 16:9 screen projects the ‘virtual’ pastor during message. A 14’ wide projection screen is on the back wall to show ‘confidence’ or prompting information to the performers on the platform. The video system is based on an HD-SDI infrastructure with routing and production switchers.


Future Meeting Programs:

April 8:  TBD

May 13:  VITEC Video Innovations

DTV Transmitter Efficiency Presentation (August, 2014)

At the regular chapter meeting in August, 2014, Perry Priestley of Anywave Communication Technolgies gave a presentation on DTV transmitter efficiency.  Here are the slides from that presentation in PDF form: SBE Presentation 2014.pdf

Oklahoma First Informer Broadcasters Act

At the May, 2014, monthly chapter meeting a new piece of legislation in the neighboring state of Oklahoma related to broadcasters and emergency situations was discussed.

The final version of the act can viewed on-line here:

Further research showed that a similar bill was being considered this year in Missouri:

The Missouri House Bill 1582 “First Informer Broadcasters Act” will have to be taken up this fall as the Missouri Legislature ended its session on Friday, May 16th (2014).  The bill “establishes certification (for) radio and television broadcasters under the "First Informer Broadcasters Act" in order to prepare for and respond appropriately to an emergency or disaster.”

Science Pioneers

At the October, 2013, SBE meeting Kirk Chestnut mentioned a local organization that is involved in promoting science, mentoring, and hosts a city-wide science fair that is in need of judges/volunteers.  Here is a link to their website:

Here is a link to the volunteer sign-up page:

The Double Slit Experiment

At the monthly meeting on October 9, 2013, chapter member John Gray gave a presentation on quantum physics and the double slit experiement.  Below are links to some YouTube videos on the topic presented by Richard Feynman.

Presentation from 1964 (worth it just to watch the intro):

Four part Feynman lecture from 1965 (each is a little over an hour long):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

What is it?

At our April meeting chapter member Ed Treese brought in an item that was located in engineering storage at 1480.

What is it?

It is made of rubber and has a small weep hole.  So - what is it?

Tribute to John Battison

Chriss Scherer, CPBE CBNT, editor of Radio magazine, past president of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), and local SBE chapter 59 member paid tribute to the founder of the SBE and former technical editor of Radio magazine, John Battison (1915-2012), during the SBE's Awards Banquet at the 2012 National Meeting on Oct. 24, 2012.

Spectrum Analyzer 102+

At the meeting on Thursday, March 8, 2012, Greg Best presented a program titled "Spectrum Analyzer 102+".

PDF Version of Greg's Power Point Presentation

During his presentation Greg referenced the book "Fundamentals Of Spectrum Analysis".  A PDF version of this book can be found on-line and is available for free download here:

Presentation Slides for IP Security Basics

Chapter member Kit Peters presented a discussion on the basics of IP and best practices for security IP-based devices at the meeting on April 21, 2011.  The slides from that presentation can be found online here:

Working Session On CAP EAS Notes

At the meeting on January 13, 2011, Bruce Roberson of Digital Alert Systems presented a program on CAP and EAS.  He has generously provided the slides from that presentation.

Download Here (~11 MB):  EAS Presentation_SBE59_Jan2011.pdf

Additional EAS info provided by Digital Altert Systems: 

DAS BeltwayNews January2011.pdf

DAS BeltwayNews Feb2011 final.pdf

The latest news from Digital Alter Systems can be found here.

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